Flashback Friday

Its Friday!!!!! 
Which can only mean one thing, 
Flashback Friday over at the other Tia's blog!!
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This weeks theme was Valentines Day, and I searched and searched, but couldn't find any actual V-Day pics. So instead I opted for a romance thru the ages-aka-me with a bunch of random guys.
The bad. 
The good. 
And the best.
Lets start with the bad, shall we?

Who's that girl?? I've never seen her before in my life! 
The Tia I know would never, ever be snuggled up with some random guy she met in Panama for spring break. 
The Tia I know would never ever go out with a brillo pad on her head. 
This is clearly someone else. 

I don't want to talk about it....
Spring break. 17 years old. Beer in hand. Cigarettes. Boy in bed.
Momma would be so proud.

Hot date at Chuck E. Cheese.
Thats how I roll.

Like I always say, what better way to win homecoming than to show a little skin??
He looks terrified, like I'm about to kick him in the balls with my stripper heels.

And finally, the best.
♥ him.
I know your digging the prom pose.

Happy Friday!!
Hope everyone has their hot dates all set up for the weekend o' love!


Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE it! hahaha

Mom et al said...

Hi, new Friday Follower.

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Anonymous said...

oh, to be young again! the brillo pad look is making a comeback--promise!

Iva said...

memory lane!!! ;)

Happy Friday and Happy Vday ;) Have a great weekend!!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Love the pictures! This is a great post!

Hi there. Thanks for joining the hop again this week. I'm already following you. Be back later to read more.

Happy Follow Friday!


mommywonderland said...

OMG Im rollin over here! So I loved your trip down "lovers lane" You def settled down with the RIGHT ONE! Happy V day doll

Nen said...

you look great in all of these pics!! glad that you found the right one... saved the best for last! :)

bananas. said...

uh...bandana boy? hahahahaha! it's okay, you should see the boy i lost my virginity too. heinous!

happy v-day weekend, tia! have fun with <3him ;)

Alisa said...

These are great! Funny, I posted about the past too. Reminiscing is fun!

May-be Miracles said...

Followed you over from MBC...lovin' your blog...great to read and look through the pictures! This one is a very funny post...nice to use humor to get through those nasty colds...hope you're feeling better!

Christopher And Tia said...

I LOVED this timeline of love, hee hee.