Flashback Friday

I was slowly making my way out the door for work this morning when I had an
"oh fuck" moment. 
I had forgotten to find a picture for Flashback Friday!!
This weeks was school photos, and I had intended to dig for one last night, but then hubby and I decided to have some drinks and get a little frisky(bow chick wow wow) and I forgot.
So I left my child unattended with his father, and ran downstairs to see 
what I could dig up in literally 5 seconds. 
This is what I emerged with.
Don't lie. You think I'm sexy.
I know its not a school photo, but its the best I could do in a rush. I think this was fourth or fifth grade. There are so many wonderful things about this photo, such as:
My soccer ball headband. I was so cool.
My frizz-tastic hair that refuses to be confined by said headband.
My awesome glasses, that literally take up half my face. Sally Jesse Raphael aint got nothin on me!
My freakishly large hands. 
My classic Umbro shorts.
The beautiful fall foliage in the background.

Seriously, tiny me ROCKS.

Anywho, I got to work and immediately started blogging working REALLY hard, when I realized I had these beauties in my wallet.
Yes, I'm almost 26 and still have my high-school ID's in my wallet. 

Junior year. Puka shell necklaces. Blonde streaks in my hair. Tanning bed overload. Those were the days...
Senior year. Where the fuck are my eyebrows??? Is that shimmer eyeshadow?? I want to slap my former self across the face. Terrible. Just terrible.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!! Its another Friday Follow, so join in!!



Dimes2Vines said...

Stopping by from Friday Follow to say Hi! I already follow and hope you have great week!

Christopher And Tia said...

(Oops! You linked the wrong post on the mr linky!! You accidentally linked us to last weeks post)

You played soccer, and thats rad. I always always wanted to be in shape, and play sports. But, instead, I ate bricks of velveeta and sat on the couch watching soap operas at the age of 6, hahaha. Sad really, that was a total nervous laugh, hah.

I think its kind of cute that you still carry around your high school id's. Mine are scattered throughout the house, I gave them to my daughter to play with as "credit cards". I flashback'd using one a couple of months ago though.

Um, and HECK YES thats shimmer eyeshadow!

Holls said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my site for follow Friday :)

Also this is such a cute post idea! I need to go dig up some old pictures so I can join.


Deb said...

New from Friday Follow.

Have a great week!

Sprinces Dreamweaver Sculpts said...

Another new from Follow Friday.


Nen said...

showing a little leg there too... haha!

we never got high school ID's... it'd be fun to look back on one now!

tessica said...

new from friday follow! excited to read your blog! and thanks for the comment

Angie S said...

New from FF! You have a fun blog :))

Have a great weekend!

G-Zell said...

Happy Follow Friday! Thanks for stopping by. I am laughing at your eyebrow comment LOL...funny.

You are youngen compared to my ol' ass LMAO

i am a follower now!

Anonymous said...

hahaha I believe I owned a multitude of umbro athletic wear. Clearly all the cool kids did.

Gay Vaughan said...

Friday following back! Thanks for the visit.

CRAZYMOM said...

Thanks for the follow! I'm following you back. I Love Marilyn! xo

drollgirl said...

you still have those id's in your purse!??! hahaha!!!

no matter! i think you were a cutie back then, and downright gorgeous now!

hope you have a great weekend! :)

p.s. i managed to get a real fake id out of city hall when i was 16. long story, but i had a friend with an older sister, we "borrowed" her birth certificate, and i said it was me. real fake id granted! i carried that thing around for YEARS and wish i still had it. :)

CraftGirlAlli said...

school I.D.'s...ours was so small...everyone knew who we were lol

Ms. Sarah said...

thanks for the follow i am now follwoing back

Capricorn Soap Company said...

My old high school ids look like photo id cards from the Department of Corrections! I had such BAD hair in high school!

Stopping by for Follow Friday here - follow me back:


Alicia said...

Following back from Follow Friday. Thanks for visiting my site! Great post!

Alicia from Coffee Mugs and Sippy Cups

Kristin said...

I should totally dig up pics from my bloggy partner and I in high school. We've been besties since we were 16. I'm sure they would be frightening however. Ah ha ha

Kelly L said...

very funny - you had me laughing out loud.


Beckie said...

I love this!! So I'm not the only one who gets angry at herself when looking back at the yearbook and miscellanious photos from back in the day? LoL. I'm a new follower from Friday Follower by the way :D I love your blog!

mommywonderland said...

Ok I was thinking they were going to be embarrassing and you are way too stinkin cute!!! Love lookin back at my old pics and think.."wow I thought I was lookin good" Your cute

Amanda F. said...

Ah, the soccer pictures. I wonder if I have any of my old soccer pictures kicking around in my parents' basement. And hey, your hands may have been freakishly large but mine were (are) freakishly small.

melifaif said...

O.M.G. That is good...LOL!!!!