Sun is shining, the weather is sweet

The sun is finally out!
Its like someone bottled up a little bit of spring and let it loose today.
It's still freezing, but the sun is putting me in a GREAT mood.
I'm ready for spring please!

photos courtesy of we♥it


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures. The spring can't get here fast enough!

drollgirl said...

the sun shining makes it all better! for reals!

Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

I think we are all ready for spring. :P
I live in Texas and usually we have warm winters, apparently not this year! I want to get back to my short sleeves and flip flops. :)BTW, the pictures are just beautiful.

Saw you stopped by my blog and thought I would return the favor.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I am so ready for Spring, it's my fav time of year!!

bananas. said...

i'm more of a fall person but i do enjoy the sun. makes me smile.

Jill said...

Spring = yes please! It's my fave season