Happy Friday!!!

Nothing makes my Friday go better than an awesome display of totally ridiculous people!!
So, enjoy this list of Guinness World Record Holders!
World's smallest man, woman with the world's longest legs
Quite the view ya got there, little fella

Most beer steins carried over 40 meters, female.

Well obviously only a female could handle such an important task.

Stretchiest skin

World Longest fingernails, both hands.

Can't you just imagine these two trying to get it on?!?

Longest ear hair

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Largest snail

And a little more.

Largest display of Star Wars clone troopers built with interlocking plastic bricks

Largest collection of 'Do Not Disturb' hotel signs.

He has 8,888 of these signs, from 189 different countries. Unfortunately, he never got layed in any of th0se hotel rooms.

Largest collection of clocks

And he is PUMPED about it!!

Fastest 100-meter hurdles wearing swim fins, individual, female.


Largest gathering of Santa's

I figured I need to throw in some Christmas cheer.

Have a great day!!!


Debra said...

This was great. Thanks for the laugh.

Sylvia said...

I think your blog is awesome!

Tia said...

Debra: Im glad you got a laugh from it!!

Sylvia: Thanks so much!! I just checked out yours and I LOVE it!