Retro Style Sports Art GIVEAWAY!!

Now that I work from home, I spend A LOT of time in our living room. Like a really gross amount of time. And I have come to realize that I HATE this room! 
When we first redid this room after moving in, our taste were drastically different than they are now. So what we have are 3 walls painted a tan color, and the other a really deep red. And all of our furniture is dark dark dark! And the saddest part? We make a living as artist, but have a total of 3 pieces of framed artwork in our entire living room. 
So I have decided it is time to fix this depressing room into something bright and cheerful, a place that I enjoy spending my days and a space that inspires me to do my best work. Because all our current living room inspires is naps.
So for my first project, after painting the room white, is to create a gallery wall of art that reflects on us as individuals, and as a family. I have been scouring Etsy (which is just bad news if you have anything else you're supposed to be doing in the next 10 hours) and have found so many great things!
We got our first piece in the mail yesterday, and while it is definitely a Richard thing, I love it!
We got this awesome New York Rangers retro eye-chart from Retro League, and I think it's going to make such a cool addition to our gallery wall! 

The Rangers are Richard's favorite hockey team, so I knew I wanted to include something to do with them or hockey. But when I started searching, everything was just too obvious, if you know what I mean. I didn't want a picture of a hockey player, or a huge Rangers logo, but something that was artistic on it's own.
They have so many retro style sports artworks to choose from! And they are the perfect gift for the men in your life. 

Gil and Sara, the couple who run Retro League, have offered to give one of you your choice of any of the awesome designs available in their Etsy shop!!
So what are you waiting for?? Get over there and get looking!
Giveaway will run through July 4th, and is open to all residents of the US and Canada.

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VectoringMomma said...

Hi there! I LOVE the Boston Red Sox: Vintage Sports Eye Chart Art - Historical Seasons - Retro Midnight Blue... what a beautiful way to display team pride! Thanks so much for the chance!!
P.S. Beautiful blog you have here! :D

Laura Jacobson said...

Oh I would love the Minnesota Twins: MLB Eye Chart - Historic Seasons! These are so neat!!!

furygirl3132 said...

I would choose the Detroit Tigers: MLB Eye Chart - Greatest Players - Midnight Blue. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


Teri H said...

New York Yankees - Perfect Birthday Gift - Double-Play Combo - Midnight Blue

Jane Droll said...

all your living room inspires are NAPS. that made me laugh!!!!!!

mine inspires eating and watching tv, which = WEIGHT GAIN! YAY! lol. i need to do something about that!

Tennille said...

Hubby could choose but if they did the Canucks that would likely be his choice, Or DA Bears

Anonymous said...

the Orioles!!

Barb K. said...

I would like the Texas Rangers Eye Chart.

Meghan said...


whittenwins said...

My little boy would love this...

Jen Whitten

Amy M said...

We live really near the Cell, so I guess I'd have to pick the Whte Sox historic seasons chalkboard.