Please stop doing that...

Day 3 of the challenge is "things that make you uncomfortable."
This is easy.
While there are lots of things that make me feel awkward or squeamish, the worst of all is when people cry to me.
Tiny people aside, I HATE when people cry! I never know what to say or do, and always end up patting them awkwardly or saying something so cliched and unhelpful it's almost laughable. Think "there, there," or "it's ok." When it's obviously not, because they are CRYING. I've been around people who are so good at calming down crying adults. They give hugs and share wise words. 
Not me. I can't do it. 
As soon as anyone over the age of, say, 12, starts crying, I get a sudden and all consuming urge to run away.

Want to know what makes it even worse? Ugly crying.

Please don't ever let me be in a room with Kim K. when she starts crying. I would seriously not even be able to handle that level of ugly crying.

So uncomfortable.

Is this weird for anyone else?? What's the thing that makes you super uncomfortable?

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Amber said...

The picture of James Van Der Beek crying just about made me lose it at work! Dawson cried waaaaay too much!

Also, your recipes (the couple that I got to browse) look great and easy enough for someone like me to cook! Definitely following you! =)

Lisa said...

hahahah! that girl from teen mom is soooooooo funny and the ugliest cryier ever!