Weekend Wear

I went out this weekend, for the first time in literally forever. Ok, not literally. But it has been an epically long time. My gal pal Erin and I came into some free concert tickets to see Neon Trees. And when that sucked, we walked across the street to a new bar that just opened and partied our faces off until well past my mother-of-2 bedtime. 
But before the night ever got started, I was faced with the age old dilemma  I had NOTHING to wear. Enter Looksima, the new site dedicated to making you look gooooood. They have a staff of professional stylist who let you define your style with a fun quiz, then create looks for any and every occasion. And if you want, you can purchase the look right then and there! And did I mention that this personalized styling advice is free? Cause it is.
Here are my quiz results:
Spot. On.

With there suggestions I settled on jeans, of course, plus black boots and a belted black plaid top. I looked rocker chic cute, and fit right in with the high schoolers at the concert.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up or Looksima and see what your style is!
Plus, enter to win a $50 gift card to help complete your outfit here.

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