Spring Breakin'

It's Spring Break for Lincoln's school this week, and I had BIG plans. I spent hours scouring Pinterest for fun activities we could do, so that his days would be filled with something other than tv. There were so many ideas, I couldn't wait to get started! He was going to think I was the best mom ever.
And then shit happened. Literally
Last Friday the kid started exploding from both ends. He missed his spring play at school that we had been practicing for for a month. And just now, SIX days later, he's finally starting to feel better. He ate three pieces of toast this morning, so I think his appetites back. And no explosions so far today (I'm knocking on all the wood I can find right now). But now the little one has caught it, and so I'm straight scurred that I'm in for 6 more days of my house smelling like ass. We are in desperate need of fresh air, but it's freezing outside. WTF Spring Break????
This is not the Spring Break I expected....
I suppose this is ok, since they're both sick already...
Thank god for Photo Booth. It's provided is with hours of entertainment. Don't mind my children, they've been in their pajamas for a week, no big deal.
As the kids were laying on the makeshift bed I made on the living room floor, quietly watching Sesame Street, I was reminiscing about the Spring Breaks of my youth.
There were the ones where you were just excited to get to hang with your friends all week. Riding bikes, climbing trees, watching movies, staying up late.
Then there was the WHOOOOOOO, SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!! Spring Breaks.
Those Spring Breaks were filled with booze and boobs and beads and bad decisions. 
Those memories make me terrified to ever have a daughter.

Hope your week is going better than mine! And hey, it's Wednesday! Only a few more days till my Spring Break hell is over:)

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Jane Droll said...

ugh!!! UGH!!!! a house smelling like ass!!! ! UGH!!! lol i hope both boys are fine and dandy soon, and that the weather warms up so that you guys can enjoy SOME of the spring break!

i am heading to las vegas next week. i am sure there will be tons of idiotic drunk spring breakers everywhere. UGH! fathers around the world are lucky they don't have to see their daughters in action at spring break time. UGH!