I just read this blog post and it touched my soul...

Girl's Gone Child: Thirteen

read it.
I understand exactly what she's saying, only I could have never figured out how to put it in those words.

Just last night, laying in bed with our 3 year old between us and a baby moving inside my belly I asked Richard if he felt grown-up.

he said "Yeah, I'm about to be a father of 2. So I'd say I'm grown up"

"But," I told him, "Having kids doesn't make you grown up. Obviously, you can read the paper everyday and see that SO many people with kids are NOT grown up."

And honestly, most the time, I don't feel grown up. I feel like I'm really good at playing a game. Most of the time I even feel like I'm winning the game. But I have no idea when the moment happens that makes your life go from child you to adult you. Maybe I missed it...

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Kristin said...

It's amazing how fast the years go! We're expecting baby #2 too...I still feel 23. Ha!