Pregnancy: It's not kidding

I'm tired.
I thought that having a second kid would be easier, like "I've done this before, piece of cake, right??"
Being pregnant while raising a child is fucking HARD.
I'm tired all the time. Literally, every second. Of every day. Exhausted.

I cannot sleep for more than an hour at a time, before I wake up because my unborn child is kicking me, my 3 year old is yelling for me, or my bladder (which has apparently shrunk to the size of a pea) is about to explode.

Remember my maternity pillow that I looooved? It blows. At this point all it's doing is taking up precious room in our never-big-enough bed.
oh. your sleeping?? Screw you.

I just want to sleep ALL THE TIME. And drink. I'm SO ready to have booze again!! I would give my right arm for some vodka right now...
And I still have 3 months too go....

Apparently I'm just all old man grumpy today.
Shutting. It. Down.

Happier note....Don't you wish you had pajama day at work?? Then your life could be this great:
Pajama day at school=BEST DAY EVER.

Even happier note..this bread:
Lemon-blueberry Yogurt Loaf. I. Die.

Get the full recipe here. Make it immediately, you will not regret it.


Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

Pregnancy suuuuuuuuuuuucks. As for maternity pillows - I bought myself one and NEVER got to use it because my fat husband would steal it. Ugh.

Justina said...

Haha! Lincoln is absolutely adorable! Glad to know I wasn't the only one that felt the same as you when pregnant with #2. Seriously, sleep is all I want. And honestly, that hasn't changed. I'm still nursing, Emi just started sleeping through the night THIS WEEK! She is 13 months!!!