Working Woman


Why has it been FOREVER since I've posted?? I'm having Blogger withdrawals, for real.

I blame it on the jo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ob.
Just realized, I have told ya'll NOTHING about my new gig!

I am the marketing assistant at our local mall (It's a Simon Mall, maybe you have one in your hood??) So boooooooo, I work at the mall, but yay!!!!! It's awesome. After coming from a place where I worked with some of the stupidest people I have ever encountered, I'm relieved to finally work with real life grown-ups and people with common sense!

It's truely amazing. Only downfall being that everyone here is old enough to have given birth to me...so that kinda sucks. But along with their support hose and grandkid stories comes a wealth of knowledge, so I'll take it! I kid, they all aren't THAT old, but the next youngest person is seriously 14 years my senior...soooooooo...I have nobody to discuss the Jersey Shore with. Boo.

My only other major rant about this place is the lack of boundaries when it comes to bringing your persoanl business to your actual place of business. No joke, I have seen every female who works here break down into tears at least once...some mulitple times...and I have been here a total of 2 months. Whoa. Maybe it's one of the many things that gets a little looser as we age, but I am a strick believer in a firm leave-your-personal-shit-at-home policy. And this place is SERIOUSLY lacking.


But I digress. Other than those 2 minor imperfections...the job is golden!

I get to do fun marketing things, which actually use that big fancy degree I spent a ton of money and 5 years of my life earning, so that not only rocks my world, but pretty much makes up for any not so awesome parts of the job. The best part so far has been doing the Kidgits Club, which is their children's program. I get to plan and put on these fun events for the members, and right now I am working on the Breakfast with the Easter Bunny event. I'm thinking bunny and duckie petting zoo, face painting, egg hunts, easter baskets and so much more!

So that's whats up.


melifaif said...

That IS what's up!!!! Go YOU!!!! Easter sounds like a blast...wish we could come. And I am not sure how I missed your bday. Boooooo. But, happy belated lady.

mermaid gallery said...

sounds like fun.... easter bunny....and after five years of college, I would be thrilled too. Marketing is a challenging job and you have to be young and energetic.....They must be pleased to have you!

drollgirl said...

dude! so glad you are loving the job!

so you work with geriatrics. lol. i am probably in that group since i am 40. lol. at least they are an improvement over the last lot! and glad you are liking it there!!!