Whats Up.

I feel like my plate is filled to the rim right now!! It was a busy weekend, and I have a feeling my life isn't going to slow down anytime soon. Whats been going on?

Halloween. Lincoln was Batman, and he was so frickin adorable! I will post pictures asap, but apparently I need to do something about my child's hair, because more than one person called him Batgirl. Not cool.
Not my kid...my kid refused to wear the mask. And he has an afro.

Our 8 year anniversary. This is our anniversary of dating, not marriage. I'm not near old enough for that!

Richard's birthday. Yes, I am officially married to a 30 year old!! He for some odd reason wanted Denny's for his birthday dinner, so we had that Friday night, and then had a small get together Saturday night. It was a blast, and now I have a fridge full of leftover booze....which sucks, because of what is now happening...
for some crazy reason, it's only the cupcake pictures that refuse to turn the correct way...weird.

An extended break from the booze. Richard and I have come to terms that we are getting older, and slammin shots on the daily is probably less than appropriate. So we are taking a break, and trying to make it till New Years with not a sip of alcohol. Wish me luck...

Working out. I am now the proud owner of a stationary bike. Why a bike? Because it was cheaper than a treadmill. I rode for the first time this morning, and while it was not fun, I'm looking forward to seeing some results in the ass region. 
If I don't end up looking like this, Im asking for a refund.

Job hunt. I seriously send out a minimum of 5 resumes A DAY. Apparently I'm unhireable. Maybe it's because I spend 50% of my time on the clock blogging....
So that's whats up. Whats new with you?


bananas. said...

happy anni! happy b-day to hubs! happy belated halloween!

no alcohol til 1/1? you crazy!!! ;)

good luck w/the job search.

melifaif said...

Hmmm....no alcky til 2011?!? I think not!?! Ya'll taking any bets? Ha. I wish you luck with that. And the job search lady!

Kristin said...

Fingers crossed on the job hunt lady! And who would think your darling little dude was a girl? Crazy talk!