Flashback Friday...and more proof of my awful coworker

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My sister is my best friend. I know when you look at these pictures you'll be like, ummmm...you guys look nothing alike! So she's my step-sister, what ev. We were lucky enough to be forced into each other lives at age 5, and it has been nothing but good times every since. We are the same age (1 month apart) and have been inseparable since our parents starting dating. Even though our parents divorced during our sophomore year of high school, we have never stopped being sisters. She lives in Indianapolis now, and is a big shot public defender, but it seems like not that long ago we were getting into trouble, and living life without a care in the world.
When we were 18 my sister and I took a month long trip to the west coast. We went to California, took a road trip to the Grand Canyon, spent the 4th of July watching fireworks in Tempe, AZ, and spent the hottest day of our life driving through death valley to Vegas. It was a blast! I'm not going to lie, around the 3 week mark we started to get a little home sick, but we had so many fun experiences to keep our minds off it. It was the summer after our senior year of high school, and was the perfect trip to take together before we were separated at college the following year. Even though our lives our on totally different paths now, we will always have those memories in common.

Now, on a totally unrelated and less sappy note, I have further photographic evidence of my awful assistant. Remember in my rant from yesterday how I bitched about her inappropriate dress she wore?? Well, as if she read my mind (or my blog) she showed up today in the same dress in a different color!! And sneaky me was able to catch in on my phone. 
here you can see the inappropriately dressed assistant in her natural habitat...

See?? I was TOTALLY not exaggerating!!

Have a great weekend dudes! I'm on vacay with my little man till Thursday, so I catch ya'll on the flip side!


Mz Clean Freak said...

maybe its me.....but I HONESTLY don't see whats inappropriate about the dress she has on....I don't know what she is assisting in so I don't get it. *smile*

Enjoy ya Weekend Ma!

Nen said...

that's so nice that you and your sis were so close!!! :) (i'm off to read your rant from yesterday.. LOL!)

Jill said...

I love road trips! I wish i had more vacation to do them
have a good weekend!

Christopher And Tia said...

Awww, see thats why I always wanted a sister. I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but- during the worst years of my parents marriage, I would day dream about them getting a divorce, and then re marrying, and me being accepted into a new big family. Kind of messed up, right? I'm glad my parents held strong together though :) And now I'm having a big family of my own.

drollgirl said...

there is nothing like having a super sister! my youngest sister is MY FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD. there is nobody i would rather hang out with or talk to. she is just the best!

and fire your hooker assistant. that tramp! ahhahahaha

p.s. thank you so much for your sweet comment. let's hope we both enjoy long and HEALTHY lives. fingers crossed!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you girls stayed close despite the divorce...very awesome!

Ally said...

I love my bro, but always wished I had a sister. That's hilarious about your assistant and her slutty work gear.