Wax on, Wax off.

I took a long weekend and stayed home with the boy yesterday. It was nice, but I don't blog unless I'm at work gettin paid for it, so I feel like I haven't been on here in ages!

Anywho, I had a fantastic weekend. Friday night I had a much needed girls night with some lovely ladies. 
We got our drank on and enjoyed some girly chit chat. There was a slight mishap when Ally "accidentally" blew out the candle I had worked tirelessly to light. 
Apparently she was confused on the whole sniff-in blow-out concept.
I was so drunk shocked and dismayed at her inability to sniff a candle, that I totally forgot that the wax was melted, and proceeded to dump the hotness right into my lap. 
Which resulted in this:
While Arley and Ashley threw out helpful tips like putting newspaper on the wax then ironing over it, Allison decided to just go at it with her claws.
 Yes, she is scratching my crotch. Jealous?
And it worked!!!

While I found this story to be HI-larious, Richard was less then amused when I shared it with him, so I apologize it I just bored the shit out of you. My bad.
There were more fun moments that you may or may not want to know about, such as me and Ally's fondness for calling each other from across the room.
Answer your phone, bitch!
In this particular call, Ally told me the worse news ever:
The booze was GONE!!
Its true!!! AHHHHHHH!
Booze gone=sadness.

I bet you wish you had never started reading this post, and are pretty bummed you'll never get those precious minutes of your life back. 

On another note, Richard and I got to hang with our besties Wade & Sarah on Saturday night, and they got me the cutest purse EVER for my birthday!
I ♥ it.

Hope everyone had a dy-no-mite weekend!!


Alicia said...

hahaaa! i loved the story! i feel like i was right there with you! that's how amazing it was! but the purse....oooooh lady its CUTE!! way to go besties!

Lisa said...

Lol!! Great play by play! I, too, felt like I was right there with you girls haha! Very good purse...good friends:)

Lisa said...

dang it!! i meant very cute purse, not that it isn't a very good purse too:)

Gabby said...

Yay for boozy girls nights! Love it! I also loved the line "I don't blog unless I'm at work getting paid for it". Amazing. :)

Alex said...

It was my birthday on Sat night and we also got our booze on!

At least you were wearing pants, otherwise it would have been a good, public opportunity for a Brazilian.

katie + bret said...

Oh my gosh - The wax thing has totally happened to me. That is no bueno. Haha, I love Alex's comment though. You definitely would have gotten a free Braz out of the whole thing!

Love the purse!

bananas. said...

drunkenfests with the bests...love it! still not sure about the wax ordeal but hey you're drunk. fun times!!! haha.

LOVE the bag. what a kick ass gift! i need friends like yours.

Jill said...

LOL I totally only blog while at work also. At least most of the time.

Looks like you had an interesting night lol. I hate candles! haha
cute bag :D

Shell said...

Love that you don't blog unless you get paid for it!

LOL @ the crotch scratching!

Barbara said...

Spilling candle wax on myself is totally something I would do when drunk.

Mom of Many said...

The purse is cute!! Following you now from Follow Each Other at MBC.