Friday Night slumber party and a new winner!!

Richard was gross and puking last night, so Lincoln and I offered no help, and instead decide to have a slumber party in the living room! We blew up the air mattress, popped in a DVD, and had an all night rager!
Well, not quite. He passed out super early and left me to party by myself.
sorry for the dark picture, I was trying to be a good mom and not wake the baby!

In other breaking news, I have a winner for the Tee Wit giveaway. Its the cheese-tastic Alicia!!!
Alicia is one of my favorite ladies, and I'm so pumped that she won! You lucky biznatch!!

Have a


weekend loves!!


G-Zell said...

Aww to sweet!.. Congrats to the winner and have a great weekend!

katie + bret said...

Baby boy looks too precious!

Courtney said...

Aww yay! Impromptu slumber parties are the best!

bananas. said...

Aw yay! Go alicia...its ya berfday! Love her!!!