Potty Training Adventures & Menu Plan Monday

Ugh. Monday. I was SO not ready to start another week!
I have the WORST. COLD. EVER. Like, my head is exploding, my nose is gushing, and I'm coughing up stuff that should be a part of Fear Factor.
My weekend was pretty good though.
Saturday, we attempted to begin potty training. He was more fascinated by other things.

But eventually he made his way to the potty. Nothing happened, but at least he sat there. That's a gold star in my book!

Sunday we watched the Super Bowl, and died a little bit inside when our hometown Colts were defeated.
I'm happy for the Saints & New Orleans, I feel it was deserved.
But if I hear "Who Dat" one more time, heads are gonna roll.

Heres my meal plan for the week, if I ever get enough energy back to lift a pan.

Monday: Chicken Pow-My husband named this recipe that I invented. 
Tuesday: Cheeseburger Pie with ground turkey
Wednesday: Parmesan Tilapia
Thursday: Turkey Sloppy Joes
Friday: Barbecue Sandwiches
Saturday: No home cooked meal because we will be on the road to Saint Louis to watch a hockey game!
Sunday: I will be hungover from said hockey game, and will be in no shape to feed my family.


mommywonderland said...

Hooray for potting sitting!!! Thats a great start and a def gold star :)

Michelle said...

Oooh good luck with potty training!

Neely said...

Something about knowing you will be hungover reminds me of my weekends haha

Candice Pair said...

your menu sounds wonderful! i need to start planning ahead like that, too! good luck on the potty training!

MyMomfessions said...

good luck with potty training...following you from mbc!

Anonymous said...

potty training is still going on in our house...and they say girls are easier. whatever. she's doing much much better, but still not that great when we're away from the house...ugh, i'm so sick of buying diapers.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rich the Husband has it good. Never realized how much work you guys do.

I'm lucky to be at work but I want that guy's job whatever it is!

: )

drollgirl said...

i hope you feel all better soon!

and when you do, you can FEEEEEEED me! just kidding. but your menu sounds fab!

bananas. said...

sick and potty training at the same time? you are super woman.

and i agree...i friggen hate the whole who dat chant. it's retawded and i want to bitch slap anyone that says it to me.

bitter much? heck yes.


Feel better soon!
drink ginger&honey tea...
bahhh~ what a combo food & potty!!

Alicia said...

DUDE!!!! we are so potty training right now and little man is totally getting the hang of it! amen!! granted i have to bribe him with candy, but whatevs...i'll take it. and WWAAAHHHHHHHH my poor sweet ponies...i still can't believe sunday ever happened....ditto to bananas comment.

tessica said...

I am so impressed by your meal planning!

BTW I have something for you on my blog! (aw--cough---ard)

AGreenTeacher said...

I love the menu planning! I should start that... it'd make life easier.

Iva said...


and good luck with the potty training!! :)

see how I run.... said...

you crack me up.