Menu Plan Monday...And the month of my creation!

On my menu this week:
Monday: Crab Legs 
Tuesday: Italian Chicken Fingers
Wednesday: Turkey Meatloaf
Thursday: Tilapia Parmesan
Friday: Left Overs- My lazy day
Saturday: Cream Cheese Chicken
Sunday: Whatevers left in the fridge☺

FYI: Its my birthday month!!!!
On the 20th of this month I will turn 26 years old. 

I love birthdays!!!


Lisa said...

Good looking menu!!

It's my birthday month too!! Yours is the day before mine:) Yea Us!! Go Pisces lol!!

Gabby said...

Okay, I want to eat at your house every day. :) I'm sick of this vegan stuff already!

And my birthday is the 17th! Yayayay!

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

26 years young! That's great! I'll be 35 this year :o) Thanks for stopping in on Follow Friday! Following you now too!

katie + bret said...

Old my foot! puh-LEASE.

so... can you pass along your recipe for Italian Chicken Fingers please? That sounds like something my husband might actually EAT!! Shock and Awe moment

Eve said...

Sweet Jesus, do you really cook that stuff every week? (Praying to God my husbie doesn't read this off my blog roll... cuz, really. I feel like the worst. wife. ever.) Did I mention he cooks everything? Like. Every, single thing we eat? Unless it's a Light Michelina's out of the fridge? I'm so pathetic.

And rock out 26 cuz it's a slippery slope to 30! =)