let the sun shine in, face it with a grin...

Just when I thought the sun would never return and I'd be stuck in snow boots forever,
Jill at Life After College bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award!!
Oh Happy Days are here again!!!

The rules of this award:
1. Put the award on your blog (on the sidebar or in one of your posts). 

2. Pass it on to 6 fellow bloggers and let them know they have received it. 
I'm on it.

3. Share the love & provide a link back to the person from whom you've received it.
Well, duh!!! Now go check out Jill's blog...NOW!!!

4. Bask in the warm sunshine of your new found fame.
Don't have to tell me twice, I've been basking all day! Unfortunately, the people I work with don't seem to care that I am the recipient of this fabulous award. There were no roses on my desk. No congratulations. Nothing. 
Reminder: Find new job.

Here are my sunshines, my only sunshines....
1.  Drollgirl

On a different note, I was doing dishes last night when I noticed Lincoln being awfully quiet. This is why.
Yes. Thats my child in my dogs kennel. I promise I didn't put him in there, but its too bad he left his snacks on top, or else he probably could have stayed in there all night!!

 Hang up the phone, theres no reason to get The Child Protective Services involved!!
He was sprung as soon as this picture was snapped. 
Want to know whats even worse? He eats dog food. And drinks from the dog's bowl. 
Whatever, it saves me a TON of money on groceries!!



bananas. said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! that is so cute! he's more crate trained than my two dogs. go lincoln!

congrats on the little bit of sunshine dahling!

drollgirl said...

HE EATS DOGFOOD?!?!? holy shrimp!!!!!!!!!! wow. i don't even know what to say, except CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR AWARD, and thank you for passing it on to ME!

and good luck getting that new job where they give you roses and stuff. i want to win the lottery like you can't believe. gah!

Ashley Stone said...

funny pic!!!!!

Jill said...

I want sunshine now! It's snowing here :D

lol was the dog jealous he was in his bed?

melifaif said...

Haha. Sorry - I got side tracked on the Flashback Friday post. Girl you were werkin' it! I think you are totally awesome for nominating me for that award. But, I think your kid in the kennel is better! I am still laughing...almost crying. Thank you for all that. You da bomb.com

katie + bret said...

Congrats on the award!!!

Haha, oh Lincoln. That is too cute! It made me laugh extra hard because I have a girlfriend who went on a blind date not too long ago and it turned out to be a date from hell. Picked her up high and what not. Well back at his house, after asking her if she wanted to smoke a bowl (which she passed on), she went to get water and he called her into the living room. Well... He was in the dog kennel, with the two very large dogs and his reason you may ask? "They told me to get in here"


I hope Lincoln isn't in there for the same reasons but, ya never know ;)

Gabby said...

Congrats on the award! You're the best and I am so sad your coworkers did not celebrate this today! Bitches.

You HAVE to use this picture of Lincoln to embarrass him at his wedding or something! Isn't that a mom-rule?

And thank you for the birthday wishes and the award! xo

Sam said...

LOL!! What a great picture!!! He seems to be content in there, hahaha. I remember the dog crate days.. I liked being in there more than the actual dog did. :p

Congratulations on the award! :)


whaha...so cuuute!
see, mommy doesn't need to buy new toys!
congrats as well~
ps: cute new profile photo darling!