I'm already kickin' these resolutions asses!!

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm off to an awesome start on my resolutions for 2010!!

This weekend I had the flu, and thus spent all Saturday night puking my guts up. It wasn't fun. But in turn, I lost 3 pounds!! Now I do not condone this method of weight loss, but its not like I was sticking my finger down my throat. And I certainly don't want to do it again, EVER!

photo courtesy of urbanphotographer on flickr

And then, to carry on my new weight loss plan, I switched my daily Starbucks from a Venti Caramel Macchiato, to a NONFAT SUGAR FREE Venti Caramel Macchiato!! I know...I'm so CRAZY!! And it was good! Like I wanted to slap myself for not making that switch SO long ago!

photo courtesy of plaggenplei on flickr

So...toot toot for me!! Hope everyone else's resolutions are going as swimmingly as mine!!



Iva said...

I dont make resolutions ;) ..but I am so glad yours is going well....hope you feel better very soon!!


what...flu diet plan?!
Get better soon I hope~ I'm with Iva here, no resolutions for me~ I get depressed when I fail each time errr...everytime!
so no more I'd say~

bananas. said...

sarcasm with a side of partial truth...loves it ;)

keep it up.

happy new year honey!

drollgirl said...

right on! at least the flu is good for one thing, and one thing only!

my exercising is going pretty well. the diet? wellllllllllllllllllllll.....that is my weakest part in life. but i'm doing better than normal. :)

Jaeve + Things said...

by all means, if it's going great already TOOT AWAY! hehe :) good for you! (minus the flu)

Mo said...

Way to go! Mine are going pretty well, I decided to do the 365 day photo project on Flickr and am going strong 6 days in!