I want to go to there...

I am obsessed with The Grand Daddy.

What? You don't know about The Grand Daddy?!?!?
Its just the most fantastic hotel EVER.

Its loaded down with whimsical little touches, and just happens to be in Cape Town.

South Africa.

When the HELL am I going to get to go to South Africa??
The hotel itself is to die for, but the BEST part? The penthouse trailer park. That's right, I said trailer park. Its just this kick-ass selection of 7 vintage Airstream's, each with its own unique interior designed by a different local artist. They make you wanna roast a wienie and be true trailer trash.

Every one even has its own tiny garden, and they all share a outdoor cinema and tented sky bar where you can hang with the other trailer folk.

There's the Afro-Funk trailer by Carla Soudien, which is dy-no-mite!! (Okay, that was cheesy. I apologize)

Or the Dorothy one by Sarah Pratt, which literally every inch covered in powder blue and white polka dots.

Earthcote moontides Airstream by Susan Woodley and Brigitte Dewberry

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears by Mark and Joe Stead
The trailer's decorations tell the story of the fairytale, how sweet!

Love of Lace by Tracy Lynch

Pleasantville by Liam Mooney
Makes me want to bake a pie, or eat one, whatev
The Ballad of John & Yoko by Tamsin Relly, Cara Rosa and Chloe Townsend

I have an idea...lets all pack our bags and head to Africa! We'll sit outside and watch old movies at The Pink Flamingo Cinema, get drunk, and be bffs!

all photos courtesy of http://www.granddaddy.co.za/


drollgirl said...

DUDE!!!! i want to go there too! FARK!!!!!

bananas. said...

this is a real place?! holy smokes, can i got to there too! take me with you!!!!!!!

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

two of my best friends are from cape town and have been telling us -- WE HAVE TO GO.

Eve said...

ah mah gahd. Where do I sign up for this penthouse-trailer-weinie-roast-bff-movie-night-in-Capetown? I'm so there. Just as soon as I can afford it. Which may be never, but still. That pretty much is the coolest thing I've ever seen.

me melodia said...

I'm dying to visit.
just dying.

Tia said...

alright ladies, I did the conversions, and its only $300 a night, plus airfare, and booze, and food---well I guess we don't need food if we're drunk all day...better start saving!

Kristin said...

OMG, that is so awesome! I've always wanted to visit there and this just sweetens the pot!