Happy Tuesday!

from reddit

I'm SO busy at work today, that all I have time to share with you is this amazing display of ass-back.



drollgirl said...

that looks like ass! or boobs! eke! this pic will make me stick to my diet! horrendous!

hope your work stops being so busy too. mine is fUCKING BALLS OUT BONKERS lately, and i can't wait for it to settle down. bleh!

hang in there!

Tia said...

Word, having a real job SUCKS ASS!!

Alex said...

OMG, how did you get that photo of me?

Kate said...

Haha that's a brilliant photo!

Kate x

bananas. said...

BWAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! that is effin hilarious!!!! i will never complain about my back AGAIN!

Alicia said...

UGHHHHHHHHHHHH that is just all kinds of wrong!! but oh so hilarious!! i'm glad i saw the pic though...i was on the way to raid my pantry... nevermind.

Clorivak said...

Oh shites...now THAT is Back Fat at its finest. Wow.

Eve said...

Holy back fat. It is almost mesmerizing. And I somehow feel better about myself. Thanks, Tia!