Hannah Montana is out of my life FOR GOOD!

Did you guys hear the FANATSTIC news??? Hannnah Montana is OVER!! I really don't like that little pop tart, and am not at all sad about her passing.

 If only we could get rid of Miley Cyrus, the world could keep on spinning. Oh well, one miracle at a time.

Thanks everyone for your help with my baby dilemma yesterday. If and when I have another child, I hope its a girl. And if it is, I hope for her sake that Miley Cyrus has drifted away to obscurity by then.



Mari said...

The show is cancelled???? sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph HOORAYYYY!!!

yes please next is getting rid of Miley all together...cute blog!

April @ Random said...

Agreed! She is so annoying.

Martin said...

But...she's SO talented!

Skinny Dip said...

Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana frighten me! I fear for what kind of pop stars will be in style by the time I have kids. Mind you, adults probably said the same thing when I was growing up listening to Madonna!