Flashback Friday

Mayra at Life is Bananas posted the cutest story yesterday about how she met her lover. I liked it SO much, that I robbed her blind and stole the idea for myself!! HAHAHAH (evil laugh)
So, for my Friday Flashback I'm going to astound you with the amazing story of how I met my match.

It starts my freshman year of college. After high school graduation I made the epic mistake of moving in with my boyfriend at the time. This lasted all of the summer, and when it was time for me to start college, my mother made me a deal I couldn't refuse:
"You leave your douchebaggy boyfriend, and I will pay for you to have a campus apartment."
So even though I went to a college in the town where I grew up, I decided it would be more fun to live with complete strangers instead of my high school girls. So I move in with my new roomies, who happen to be sophomores and who I thought might be the coolest people in the world.
One night one of the roomies ask if I want to go to a get together at "The Hockey House", and since she was older and had her finger on the pulse of all the hip college happenings, I went. The Hockey House was a house fairly close to campus where 5 of the hockey players lived, and where the entire team and its groupies (yes, they had groupies. They were hockey hos. I was not one of them) hung out.
So we go hang out, and I become friends with several of the guys. One of them, Richard, had a girlfriend and never said much to me.
Halloween comes, and I accompany my roomies to a costume party at the Hockey House. Dressed as an angel, I mingle and drink, dance and drink, make an ass of myself and drink. At some point during the night, I end up sitting on the couch with Richard (dressed as the guy from scream. Seriously) He no longer has the girlfriend, and I'm totally digging him.
It gets late, and my friends are ready to go. Richard mentions that, if I want, I can sleep on the couch and he will take me home in the morning.
WTF???? The couch????
I'm appalled! I'm hot, and hot girls don't sleep on couches, they sleep in beds!
Long story short, I slept in the bed. Don't judge me, I'm much classier now.
And so it began.
We moved in together 6 months later.
Got engaged 3 years later.
Got married 2 years after that.
Had out son in 2008.
Going strong for 8 years now

This is the Hockey House. Gross.

This Flashback Friday moment was inspired by my sweet little banana Mayra

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Alicia said...

aawwwwww so sweet!! i love the "I'm hot, and hot girls don't sleep on couches, they sleep in beds!" haaa!!! and man, 8 years!! wow!!

Manic-Momma said...

That's so sweet! Reading your post brought back flashbacks of my college days-I was in a sorority and dated all the hockey guys ahaha...those were the days. Years later after writing off "hockey assholes", I ended up becoming engaged to the man I'm with now who is the love of my life...so glad I didn't completely write them off!

You two are so cute! Happy Friday!

Jill said...

Cute story! I also met my current BF my fresman year of college but we didn't start dating until my junior year. He took a while to come around :). I actually thought he was a big, loner nerd when I first met him haha.

Our college had a "hockey house" also. I went there once and it was enough for me lol. People were crazy at those parties!!!


I truly enjoy sweet stories like this...you must have been a cute angel as well!

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Hey lady - I posted your album cover just now!

Christopher And Tia said...

"The Hockey House" sounds way too scummy, I wouldn't want to sleep on the couch either!

A very cute story :)

bananas. said...

HAHAHAHA!!! that's awesome! way to score yourself a hockey hunk. so glad it wasn't a frat boy. i woulda stopped reading...lol.


hope you had an awesome weekend! thanks for the shout out girlie. xoxo.