Every day is a great day for hockey.

We had a great time on our little weekend trip to St. Louis this weekend. The weather was great, the hotel was fabulous, and the hockey game was exciting!

It was Lincoln first time staying in a hotel, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it:

We were cheering for the Rangers, the away team, so we were the outcast at the stadium. 
Whatever, they were all just jealous of our matching Rangers Jerseys (mines pink, of course☺)

This was one of about 10 pictures. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get Lincoln to sit still!

I was so amazed that he stayed awake the entire game, considering it didn't get over till 10:00.
He amused the people in our section by shakin his booty every time the music came on.
 Seriously, this kid has some hardcore dance moves!

Anyways, Richards is determined to make Lincoln a pro hockey player by the time he's 18. 

Here he is getting a head start.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


p.s. Are you guys seeing the madness going on on top of my sons head?!?!? Its insane. Any ideas on how to tame that beast would be much appreciated.


first time mommy said...

looks like your little one had a great time!

Kristin said...

So, how did he sleep in the hotel? We've been wanting to stay overnight at Disney but I'm leery about the hotel. : )

Tia said...

He slept great...once he finally fell asleep! I think he was so amped up about being somewhere new that he managed to stay up until 11pm!! He also managed to call the front desk 3 times, and set the alarm for 4am.

Alicia said...

FUN! i love hockey games!!! i always want there to be a fight! my dream is to one day hockey punch someone...you know. pull their shirt over their head and all that....it'd be AWESOME! as for the little dudes mane....rock it. i love it! seriously its CUTE!