Fall Festival!!!!

My favorite time of the year is FINALLY here!! Its the 88th annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival!!! If you live ANYWHERE close to Evansville, IN, you need to get your little buns over the the festivities.

What is this Fall Festival, you might ask? Its probably the most amazing thing, ever. It takes up 4 blocks, lined both sides with food booths. It smells...amazing. They sell a wide variety of foods, both normal and definitely abnormal, such as walking tacos

Candied Bacon
Fried Twinkies
There are also rides!!!!

I'm headed there as soon as i get off work to stuff my face with some very greasy delights!


Mo said...

I love fair time. We have a big one right by my house in September and I always make sure to ride the ferris wheel and eat a few sweet treats you can't find anywhere else!

Tia said...

For sure!! You can't miss those yummy treats that are sure to clog your arteries!!