Off the Grid

Imagine my surprise when I get to work today and see my very own brother on the front page of our local paper. He is a character, which is clearly displayed in the article. The article is the third installment in a series that looks at the economic downturn through the eyes of people in the Tri-State. See the full story at http://www.courierpress.com/news/2009/may/08/off-the-grid-in-the-moment/
I think the reporter did a pretty good job of showing him as a good hearted person who has made some mistakes in his life, but is working toward bettering himself. Unfortunately, there are some VERY judgemental and closed minded people who felt the need to comment on not only the article, but on how my brother has decided to live his life. Some even go so far as to judge the fact the he has dreadlocks! My brother and I come from a very liberal background where we are not constantly degraded for the decisions we make, and it frustrates me to see so many people not understand that. To each his own, ya know?


Stockannette said...

I just read the story and had to post a comment on the newspaper's website. Just call me 'betta.'

Tia said...

Thanks "Betta"!!! im glad to see not everyone has to take offense to how another individual has chosen to live his life!