Cardboard Ring Frames

I think this idea from Photojojo is so clever and cute!
What a neat way to display your photos in a circular fashion, and they are super easy to make. And they are helping the environment, since you'll be throwing out a few less paper towel rolls!
To start, just save up any different sized cardboard rolls (such as paper towels, oatmeal canisters, and wrapping paper). Mark and cut the rolls into varying thicknesses, then use the cut rolls to trace out the circles on your photos.

Cut the photos out and attach using a thin bead of glue along the rim of the cardboard. Glue some to the front, and some to the back to give a different look to your assortment of photos.
Use a few pushpins or nails to hang the rings from, and voila! Instant art!
Click this post's title to go to Photojojo's website and see all the instructions and so much more!

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Becca said...

this is such a great idea! i think i might have to start saving up some card board rolls!