The sales are coming!!!

My etsy shop has been at almost a standstill since Christmas, with a sale here and there. So imagine my surprise to have had 8 pendants and pin sets sell since Saturday!! I am on cloud 9 right now, just hoping that this spurt will last. It has been so discouraging to see my profits drop off so drastically recently, and this has been just the boost I needed to inspire me to list some new items and update my shop. I know sells are slow all over, so good luck to all the etsy sellers, I'm sure the sales will come to you soon!!!


Designs By RuKar said...

Wonderful news! Hopefully things will pick up and bring more sales. I also had several items sell over the weekend, after no sales since January.
I'd keep my fingers crossed, but then I wouldn't be able to make anything LOL

Tia said...

It has to be a good sign that we both had good weekends!!