Great Inspiration

Everyone needs a little inspiration, and this is my absolute FAVORITE architect. His work is so unique and fun, I just love it!
He is Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, and he did Art Nouveau and Modernist style work in the late 1800's and early 1900's. He is well know for his unique and highly individualistic designs. His exposure to nature at an early age influenced him to incorporate natural shapes into his later work, such as the Casa Mila, or La Pedrera, in Barcelona. This is THE most amazing piece of architecture I have ever seen. It was built during the years 1906–1910, being considered officially completed in 1912 after much objection by the local government to some aspects of the project, resulting in them fining the owners for many infractions of regulations, ordering the demolition of aspects exceeding the height standard for the city, and refusing to approve the installation of a huge sculpture atop the building. Regardless, it is still the most breath taking building.

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Gwynneth said...

Gorgeous!! I'm obsessed with Art Nouveau and Art Deco and am a big admirer of Gaudi myself. Great post. I'm also an Evansville native myself, but have lived in Indy for the last 15 years.

Your work is really beautiful, and your son is so cute that it hurts!