In need of $$$$$

I have been lucky enough to work part time since the birth of my son nearly 7 months ago. Until now. My hubby and I are officially feeling the weight of this recession, and I have been forced against my will to return to work full-time. I am NOT happy! But I am even less happy when I have to eat off the dollar menu, so I guess this is the less of two evils. Its not that I am lazy and just don't want to work (although I am and don't) but I just want to spend as much time as possible with my little man. I hate the thought of someone else getting to see fun little moments, or god forbid, see a huge milestone. I also hate the feeling of not being in control of what goes on around him. How can I control what he hears and sees?? How do people deal with feeling like someone else is raising their child?

My husband and I are constantly trying to come up with new ideas for my etsy shop (www.stoic.etsy.com) in the ongoing effort for me to stay at home with our son, so hopefully there will be some really cool new additions soon. Until then, Ill be unhappily toiling away at my desk, spending all my precious time working for the man. :(

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