That time of year...

So its resolution time. I always have a huge list of things that will make me a better; healthier; nicer; more accomplished; etc. person.

so here goes!

Try my hardest to help my son become an independent and open minded individual

watch less cheesy re-runs

work out more

eat less fast food

spend more time telling my dog how cute she is

read more-and not trashy novels

spend more time in the shower (its the only time I get to myself!)

no more complaining...who am I kidding? Just LESS complaining

call more people instead of emailing non-stop

appreciate the beauty in everyday

make sure I let my husband know on a regular basis how much I love and appreciate him

quiting my addiction to reality tv (at least the un-real reality tv)

This list could go on and on, but Im getting tired just thinking about it, so I have to stop.

Good luck with all your resolutions, hope they stick (if even for a day)

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Anonymous said...

so when you going to let your husband know that?