First Stoic post!!!

Hello! This is Stoic first blog, how exciting!! You may be wondering...what is Stoic??? Don't worry, I will tell you!!

Stoic is..........................................
My husband and I making things we like and hoping others will enjoy them as well. We put everything we have into everything we make, so we know you will be pleased with your purchase!! We are both recent college graduates, me with a degree in advertising and art, and my hubby with a degree in graphic design. He has found a job in his field that is a stepping stone, while I'm having a tough time getting in to the real world! I have realized it is very nearly impossible to find a creative job when you live in Evansville, Indiana. On top of this, we are about to have our first child, a boy to be named Lincoln. With this in mind, I can't help but think how great it would be to quit my dead end, boring desk job, and instead spend my days raising a kick ass son and being inspired to make more and more wonderful items. Wouldn't it be nice if my full time job could be making things for you to buy and enjoy?
Alas, this may never happen, as we have bills to pay, and so far the handmade goods business has not been very financially rewarding!!
So I will continue to toil away at my day job, aimlessly filing, typing, and being a slave to my unappreciative boss. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of coming home to my crafty sanctuary, spending my evenings watching Scrubs reruns with my baby and coming up with new items for my shop.

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